Rock Me

Fall 2022 | Drama

Jibs McCaffrey wonders if things would’ve been easier if he had died a tragically young rockstar death, but he didn’t — and it wasn’t for lack of trying. So, if this reluctant survivor is going to discover any kind of worthwhile second act — whether it be re-igniting his creative spark, mentoring younger artists like a human warning label, or just surviving with a tolerable amount of contentment — Jibs is going to have to meaningfully confront the issues and people he’s been running from. This list of the hurt and hurtful include his fractured family, needy friends, wounded lovers, and vengeful rivals. Pissed off, Jibs realizes he can no longer move forward without looking back, and until he heals himself, he’ll have nothing to offer anyone else. Having to finally face the pain of loss, heartbreak, failure and his responsibility for all of it will rock him to his core. But make no mistake, it’ll still be a wild party full of good times and even better tunes.

Scott Dolezal

Tom Brady

Sean Patrick Flanery

Charlie Schwam

Sean Patrick Flanery, Gina Gershon, David Koechner, Jack James Busa, Olivia Cinquepalmi, Tlm Johnson Jr, Robyn Lively, Ben Smith Peterson, Olivia Rivera, Brian Doyle Murray, W.C. Clark, Dale Watson